Simply create order with a clothes ladder

Our wooden and metal clothes ladders are a modern, uncomplicated solution for practical and open storage of clothes. Simply leaning against the wall, our design ladders can be used without annoying holes in the wall in the hallway as coat racks, in the bathroom as towel rails or in the bedroom as a mute servant.

In the spirit of sustainability, all coat racks are made of solid wood without surface treatment. Our clothes racks are manufactured by regional companies and the workshops for disabled people in Freyung in the Bavarian Forest.

hand made

high quality
produced sustainably

Solid wood
or metal

shipping with DHL

Advantages of a clothes ladder

Worn clothing on an armchair

The problem with worn clothing

Too clean for washing - no time for the cupboard! Worn clothes are often to be worn again, but not stored together with the fresh laundry.

A misused chair or armchair is usually used as a substitute for the wardrobe, on which a mountain of clothes will form in a few days. This not only looks untidy, but can also lead to strongly wrinkled clothes.

Our solution - The clothes ladder

Our ladders not only create more order by simply hanging them up, but also prevent wrinkled clothing. Leaning back to save space, they are a contemporary and flexible solution for practical storage of clothes.

Thanks to the simple design, the ladders can be used individually as a mute servant in the hallway, as a clothes rack in the bedroom or as a towel rack in the bathroom.

In short, clothes ladders from kommod are simple, practical and pleasant.

Clothing on a clothes ladder

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