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FLOTS storage hooks

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FLOTS is a set of storage hooks for the small things in life.

FLOTS is ideal for those of us who want to hang something on the wall quickly, simply and, most importantly of all, with a certain aesthetic flair.

The natural tone of the Ash wood exudes warmth and so turns our product not only into a fit-for-purpose hook but also into a design object ideal for a variety of applications. A sticky gel pad attached to a metal disc combined with a magnet hidden inside into a wooden pole are the basis for this innovative solution.

Our product is a kommod solution that, despite being fixed to the wall, is reversible at any time and can be assembled without the need for any tools – such as doweling plugs and screws – and so leaves no holes in the wall or any discernible traces. FLOTS can be removed at any time and re-assembled in a new location.

FLOTS can be used as a stand for jewellery for instance, or even as a toilet roll holder and we’re sure you’ll find many other different applications. 

FLOTS storage hooks
FLOTS storage hooks


We design, develop and manufacture in Southern Germany in the depths of the Bavarian Forest.

Regional raw materials, local businesses and knowledge are the basis for a natural source chain and correspond to our understanding of contemporary products.

Sustainability is self-evident for us!


Assembly is a piece of cake and no tools are required:

Unpack FLOTS, remove the protective foil from the gel pad, press the metal disc into place on a flat surface, insert the wooden pole and the magnet at the end of the ash pole takes care of the rest.

An added benefit to the simple assembly process is that there’s no longer any need to fill in or paint over holes in the wall.

We recommend to use it just on glas and tiles. If you like to use FLOTS somewhere else do not put more than 1 kg on.

Dimensions & Information

FLOTS can be used for both horizontal as well as vertical positions. The dimensions result from the optimal combination of form, function and purpose.


Ø 3 cm | 12 cm depth
Metalpad: Ø 8 cm


natural ash, metal sleeve powder-coated (white)

Scope of delivery

FLOTS storage hooks, one metalpad and product information​

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